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News: November 2017
Rare breaks new ground in property sector

Rare is proud to announced that this November, property heavyweights Savills, British Land and JLL signed up to our Contextual Recruitment System (CRS) run by Rare. Joining 55 other top firms across the legal and business sectors, these companies will now benefit from having social mobility metrics hardwired into their graduate recruitment databases.

Ema Saunders, Head of Savills Graduate Team, said: “The real estate industry is striving to reach out to a wider talent pool and, as a business, Savills is committed to growing its appeal to a diverse audience. Technology-based tools such as the CRS complement our existing initiatives to ensure that real estate is visible and accessible to a broad range of talent irrespective of background.”

The first technology and data-driven tool of its kind in the UK, Rare’s CRS allows firms to see, at a glance, not just the achievements of candidates, but the context in which those achievements were gained. It assesses individuals’ merit alongside any indicators of disadvantage, including home postcode, school quality, eligibility for free school meals, refugee status and time spent in care.

Raph Mokades, Founder and Managing Director of Rare, said: “A lack of diversity within the talent pool continues to be a challenge for the real estate sector in the UK. The move by Savills, British Land and JLL is hugely significant. We are delighted that industry heavyweights are taking positive action to drive more diverse representation and promote real estate as an inclusive career path.”

Lydia Corneck, Head of Talent Acquisition and Development, JLL said: “The business case for diversity has been made numerous times and its merits are undisputed. Employers frequently comment that Rare’s candidates are more robust than those sourced from conventional backgrounds – they can be better at handling the challenges of demanding jobs, and less likely to drop out. Candidates once seen as ‘unconventional’ often make the best hires.”

Rare has found that 50 per cent more disadvantaged candidates are hired when organisations adopt the CRS. We are excited to see what the future now holds for diversity in the property sector.